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Welcome to Anou Paradise Hotel!

          You will find comfort in a friendly atmosphere. In Style Modern. With local culture you will have to be satisfied.
Today ...  Anou Paradise  Hotel  ready to serve all who  visit  to  Vientiane, Laos rooms and  facilities fully With security that  you  need  reliability. And happiness. To impress everyone. Every visit to Vientiane, Lao PDR,  the motto of the hotel. "Your happiness is our service."
    Special!  If  you  are  booking.  Through  our  website. You will receive discounts and special promotions from  the hotel lot. You can contact us here and then meet at the hotel tired my Anou Paradise.

Special Offers

  • FREE TV 
  • Restaraunt Service
  • FREE drinks and beverages in rooms
  • Exclusive souvenirs


Center Point in Vientiane , Loas.
Tel : (856) 21213630 - 1    
Fax : (856) 21213632